Play4Agile 2016 – one big family

All in the family Play4Agile (p4a) 2016 is over for another year. As always it’s part reunion with dear friends, and part excitement at meeting new people at this ‘unconference’, where you learn to expect to be surprised by what you find happening. I mentioned this as part of my brief lightning talk on the

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Using CoCreAct! Facilitation Process

I was able to use my CoCreAct training in a workshop I facilitated yesterday for SoapBox Collective for their World Changers Innovation Challenge. The event had started on the Saturday, but my part was on the Wednesday when the students would be ideating and then prototyping their challenges. The focus on the event was to

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CoCreACT! Facilitator Training in Hamburg

Since leaving Hamburg the last time in 2012 after my StrategicPlay training as a Lego Serious Play facilitator I have been meeting Katrin Elster each year at Play4Agile and always been impressed by her sessions, and the ideas we’ve talked about at meals and in the bar. For a while she’s talked about a ‘new’ training workshop, and I’ve

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