Team Collaboration Book Available

I took the main ideas that people could use immediately and turned them into a book. It is good enough to use now.

I realised that there are two books to do on this concept. One is the ‘longer’ version that explains the ‘why’ of the ideas, and how they can be used. There is also a ‘shorter’ version that answers the ‘just tell me what to do’ for people, who are looking for help now. That is the one that I’ve now made available.

Link to book web page

101+ Ideas to Improve Team Collaboration is available via Leanpub. That means you can purchase a copy, which you can download as PDF, EPUB, or MOBI version, and that you also receive future updates too. At the moment I have added all of the text, so you you can use it now.

The part that still needs to be done are the remaining illustrations, and whatever I add after my early reviewers send me back comments. Some have been incorporated in the introduction, and I expect that others will impact on the ideas too. By publishing this way I have a draft available for people to use now instead of waiting until some time in the future when everything is done. I can also keep improving it as I learn more and add that to the book too.

I’m happy with it now, and hope that some of you find it useful too. If you do buy a copy, then please feel free to let me know of any comments or feedback that you have.

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