Team Collaboration

This is the ‘home’ for the writing I’ve done on the topic of collaboration for teams, as well as some resources that might also help you improve your collaboration work.

My intention is to keep working on this as there is lots to cover to unpack the ideas that are in the ‘introduction’ below. Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about any of this.

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Book published – about the book that’s now available on team collaboration

Five stages of team collaboration – looking at collaboration from the 4Ds of design

Introduction – a formulation of the idea for practice

Beginning – the basic idea

Tools and resources – Links and resources that you can use in your team

Guide for team organisers – aspects to consider when putting teams together

Guide for team participants – aspects to consider when collaborating

101+ Ideas to Improve Team Collaboration – collection of ideas in a book that you can use when collaborating