The Five Stages of Team Collaboration

Elsewhere I’ve described the ten phases of team collaboration in a range of different aspects, right up to the full unloading of 101+ ideas to help you improve your collaboration. Lately I’ve realised that these fit into the 4D process of design, as I’ve outlined before, along with an extra phase for ‘review’. Those four

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Team Collaboration Introduction

Introduction Every summer since June 2010 I have been working with teams of students, who are working with clients to build them a piece of software. They take everything they’ve learned about building software applications, and apply that to this project with a team of five or six students. This has had many ups and

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Team Collaboration for Beginners

It’s generally acknowledged that teamwork and communication skills are important skills for employability applicable to everyone. This includes everything from presenting posters and presentations, to writing reports, as well as how you work together with others to complete the project your reporting on to others. How one ‘works as a team’ seems to be something

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