Agile + Evo Process for Group Projects Outlined

This is a work in progress. As I’ll be gone for a break I needed to coalesce what I could into some form of document to gather my thoughts on preparing materials for students about agile and evo. The result is this group project page. This page pulls together some of the main ideas for what should be covered by the students as they move to working on real projects this coming summer. 

The next step is to work out the precise details of what I’ll do in each session when I come back, and then develop a viable timetable for a week of delivering a series of talks and workshops on each of the steps. All of this will kick off in May/June after exams so there’s still plenty of time to sort out the details.

In any case, for now I can leave it and have a break. I can also now get into discussions about all of this with colleagues and others, who’ve said they will help. So I’ll wait until I get some feedback from people – so please leave comments below, or email me.

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