Industrial experience for comptuer science students

I put together a draft proposal for getting more student projects tied to ‘real world’ experience developing applications to the post grad teaching and learning committee, and it went down well. We’ll start small and try a pilot for the summer projects with a number of students. This will let us iron out the details and issue around doing this for more students. It should be fun and challenging too, and all parties should get something good out of the process.

Even better though was that another person came at me with a proposal, which ties into this directly, and which will let us also pursue the industrial experience for an even larger number of students in the long run. This might provide even more interesting results in the long term.

The other good thing was that the initial phone call to the local agency (Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations) to query whether my main assumption about possible project ideas, proved true. Phew, that was a relief. Now I just need to meet with her and discuss possibilities. Slow and steady here and all will go well.

I know that this is cryptic, but I want to keep it all close to me for just now, until some more details have been sorted out. This will need to grow slowly so that it all works well, and that is ok. If all goes well, and it should, then this has a lot of symbiotic good that can come of it.

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Graeme Mathieson
March 17, 2009

I’d like to have a more detailed chat about this at SoR, if you’re able to be a little less cryptic by then. ­čÖé I’m wondering if we can help out in any way…

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March 19, 2009

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