Macbook rebuild part six

Ok, so Java is less important than setting up the macbook to use my mobile as a modem using Bluetooth. I don’t use this feature often, but now and again it is handy when you just get onto the train, and realise that the file you wanted to work on is still on the file server at work. Then it is a life-saver. That, and of course when on holiday and there’s no internet provided.

The best guide to all of this is a series of blog entries at the macsis blog. Start with the Getting Connected – Bluetooth entry. Then if all goes well, you should see the option for your operator appear in the screen about using the internet. If not, then use Ross Barkman’s GPRS Info Page to tell you the finer details about what the APN, username and password are for your network operator. Or, you can phone up your operator and ask for them. If your mobile connects to the internet anyways, then you will have all of this available somewhere on your mobile already. However, if it’s like mine, then the password is just stars. Don’t worry, Ross’ page will tell you what they are.

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