Macbook rebuild part one

I’m going to make sure that I keep track of what goes into the macbook. When it came back yesterday it was back in its pristine Tiger mode. First step therefore was to put Leopard in and to do the updates to bring it back up to scratch. This meant setting up the network stuff for at work and at home too. Surprising what you forget really, even though it’s stuff you use everyday.

The second step was to put in Macports, which in turn required Xcode 3.1 instead of the 3.0 version that it naturally upgraded to by the update process. That went smooth enough, altough getting there took a while, because of the number of updates I needed to do.

Macports is there to enable easy setup of Rails and MySQL and a few other odds and ends. At least I think it was the Macports version of MySQL that I had. I seem to remember trying a few different ones, and finally setttled on the Macport one. This is tomorrow’s project. Wish me luck.

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