Banchory Ears Jan 27 Student Union, University of Aberdeen
Banchory Ears Feb 6 Reid Hall, Edinburgh Soundings
Serendipities and Synchronicities Mar 19 Elgar Room, University of Birmingham
Onset/Offset Mar 20 Accademia Musicale Pescarese, Italy
Serendipities and Synchronicities Apr 9 University of Florida, Gainesville, USA 14th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
Banchory Ears, Vox Magna May 2 Foldover, WOBC 91.5 FM, Oberlin, Ohio, USA Foldover
Serendipities and Synchronicities, Vox Magna, Altered Images, ABZ/A May 5 St Paul’s Hall, University of Huddersfield
Peel May 8 Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen discoveries xxxiii
Onset/Offset Jun 1 Centre Noroit, Arras, France
Serendipities and Synchronicities Jun 18 Westborough Methodist Church, Scarborough Expo 966
Onset/Offset Jun 18 Musik-Akademie Basel, Switzerland Echt-Zeit Electronic Music Festival
Vox Magna Jul 9/10 la Saline Royale d’Arc et Senans, Doubs, France Nuit Bleue – France
Vox Magna, Altered Images Jul 16 Vivid, Birmingham Nuit Bleue – UK
Serendipities and Synchronicities Jul 22 Casa Paganini, Genova, Italy NYU New Music Ensemble
Serendipities and Synchronicities Aug 24 Cine-Auditorio ‘Tita Merello’, Universidad Nacional de Lanus, Buenos Aires Sonoimagenes
ABZ/A from Oct 1 SoundLab Channel Edition III [R][R][F]2005—>XP – global networking project
Serendipities and Synchronicities Oct 18 Laboratorio de Musica Electroacustica de Vitoria-Gasteiz V Festival Internacional de Musica Electroacustica de Santiago Ai-maako
Altered Images Oct 28 The Atrium, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen discoveries xxxiv
Vox Magna Nov Brussels
Still Voices (première, Fields of Silence (première), Resound (première) Nov 8 Thainstone Auction Mart, Inverurie discoveries xxxv
Peel Nov 19 Dijon, France Why Note
Serendipities and Synchronicities Dec 5 NYU Frederick Loewe Theatre, New York NYU New Music Ensemble