Launch of Hilton Soundscape – August 2018



Sunday August 12th 2018 sees the launch of my latest sound art project – the Hilton Soundscape.

Information on how to download the project can be found here.

In August 2003, the School of Education at the University of Aberdeen moved from its Hilton campus in Aberdeen to the refurbished MacRobert Building in King’s College, Aberdeen. Shortly before the move, I emailed members of staff to ask if there were any sounds (loved and not so loved), that they would like me to preserve through recording before the buildings on the campus were pulled down.

I wanted to create what R. Murray Schafer calls a “sound romance” – any past or disappearing sound remembered nostalgically, particularly when idealised or otherwise given special importance. Many such sounds were often regarded as unimportant when actually current; yet later, hearing them may trigger strong memories.

Clicking on the pins on the map allows you to listen to the sounds and re-imagine, through memory, the locations they belonged to 15 years ago. You are encouraged to make a comment about the sound, reflecting on memories that it might evoke, developing sound conversations.

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