Onset/Offset Jan 26 University of Greenwich, London EMAS 40th Anniversary
Stolen Voices Mar 1 University of Kent  
Preces and Responses (première) Feb King’s College Chapel King’s College Chapel Choir
Altered Images Mar 19 Conservatorie de Nîmes, France Acousmatrix #9
Of the Swan (live version, with NYUNME/Esther Lamneck) Mar 31 Florence Diffrazioni: NYU New Music Ensemble/tárogató – Esther Lamneck
…the vivid, speechless air…(première) Apr Raasay Whisky Distillery contrabass clarinet – Sarah Watts
Rewind (première), Still Voices, Fields of Silence, Resound May The Dome, Bramall Concert Hall, University of Birmingham BEASTFEaST