You’re a Fisherman’s Bassoon (2017)

seven bassoons + one contrabassoon – 8′

(FagottOctett: bassoons – Lesley Wilson, Kate Friday, Hannah Hilton, Lucy Webster, Emma Simpson, Angela Black, Lorna Gurney; contrabassoon – Tim Tricker)

commissioned: sound festival
première: St Andrew’s Cathedral, Aberdeen, Nov 4 2017
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Preces and Responses  (2019)


(University of Aberdeen Chapel Choir)

commissioned: University of Aberdeen Chapel Choir
première: University of Aberdeen, Feb 27 2019

…the vivid speechless air… (2019)

contrabass clarinet – 2’41”

(Sarah Watts – Contrabass clarinet)

commissioned: Sarah Watts
première: Raasay Whisky Distillery, Apr 10 2019
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