Aberdeen Group for the Mathematics of Infectious Diseases

Applied mathematics and data science to tackle infectious diseases

Welcome to AGMID

"I simply wish that, in a matter which so closely concerns the wellbeing of the human race, no decision shall be made without all the knowledge which a little analysis and calculation can provide."   (Daniel Bernoulli, 1760)

The Aberdeen Group for the Mathematics of Infectious Diseases (AGMID) involves members of the  Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics  (IPAM) and the  School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition. We are also members of the Centre for Bacteria in Health and Disease (CBHD). Following Bernouilli's quote, we develop and apply mathematical methods to describe the transmission and risk of infectious diseases. Our research has a marked interdisciplinary character which uses mathematical modelling, statistics, machine learning, quantitative risk assessment and molecular epidemiology as core disciplines.  

Research Highlights

COVID-19 pandemic

Modelling strategies to suppress the SARS-CoV-2 virus

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Tracing the source of infections

Supervised machine learning for attribution of individuals to sources. 

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Explosive immunisation

Immunization and targeted destruction of networks using explosive percolation

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Food safety risk assessment

Monte Carlo simulation to estimated the risk of disease following consumption of a contaminated food.

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