pete stollery
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 ABZ/A - opening section

 Altered Images - leading to climax at 03:16

 Faible - 01:09 to 02:09 (electric harp - Rupert Parker)

 Myth - middle polyphonic "Sisyphe" (Singcircle/Gregory Rose)

 Onset/Offset - opening

 Peel - stretched roulette wheel

 Shioum - stretchy-bendy-scrapy bit

 Shortstuff - the funky bit

 Squirt - first episode - sax vs. tape (alto sax - Griffin Campbell)

 Thickness - chorale section over drone (flt - Lis Dooner, vla - Sophie Renshaw)

 Vox Magna - business leading to flappy helicopter

 Serendipities and Synchronicities - opening 20 secs or so of attack followed by whispy harmonic series

 Banchory Ears - Bertha talking about the Water of Feugh

 Still Voices - first couple of minutes

 Fields of Silence - pimped-up rides - water - corn stalks

 Resound - Melvyn Dalgarno talking about threshing machines

 scènes, rendez-vous - ambulance on avenue Foch - weird doppler

 Planar - from opening fanfare (trumpet - Mark O'Keeffe)

 Back to Square One - eerie third section - structure derived from an over from Stuart Broad

 74 Degrees North - the final section as the Scientist begins to understand what it's all about

 Elegy (Tramp, with wheezing) - vocoded and stretched tramp with elongated wheezes in the background

 Amo' the Thrang - comb-filtered/resonant birds recorded in the Chapel of Garioch graveyard near where a great deal of the bodies from the battle were buried

 Aurphones - where the video really starts to slow down and you see the slow pan across the deserted playground

 Crossing (Bergen) - from the opening to the second gesture and into the long haul to the climax

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