I am a senior lecturer in the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Aberdeen, where I have worked since 2011. Before that I held postdoctoral positions at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Sheffield, and I studied for my PhD at Edinburgh University. My research is in the area called Algebraic Topology.

Office: Fraser Noble 159

My research is in Algebraic Topology. Currently this has two strands: Homological stability, which studies sequences of groups (such as the symmetric groups or general linear groups) and how their homology changes as you proceed along the sequence; recently I (and my collaborators) have successfully extended this technique to study algebras in place of groups. And Magnitude homology, which is a categorification of Tom Leinster's notion of magnitude introduced by Simon Willerton and myself; this new notion has led to a lot of new work, including connections to metric geometry and curvature. In the past I have worked on string topology, operads, and 7-manifolds.

I currently teach the courses EG2012 Engineering Mathematics 2 and MX4540 Knots. I am also the Retention officer for mathematics, meaning that I try to offer advice and help to students who may be having difficulties with their studies.

Scottish Mathematical Challenge:
I am the organiser for the Scottish Mathematical Challenge in the North.
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Teachers and pupils are welcome to get in touch with me with any questions or issues.

I am an organiser of the Scottish Topology Seminar.

My CV.


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