Day 1 (Saturday)

09:00-09:30Persistence and Monotony Properties of Argumentation Semantics, Tjitze Rienstra, Chiaki Sakama and Leendert Van Der Torre
09:30-10:00Non-Monotonic Inference Properties for Assumption-Based Argumentation, Kristijonas Cyras and Francesca Toni
10:00-10:30Hidden Power of Abstract Argumentation Semantics, Thomas Linsbichler, Christof Spanring and Stefan Woltran
11:00-11:30Representational Succinctness of Abstract Dialectical Frameworks, Hannes Strass
11:30-12:00An axiomatic approach to support in argumentation, Claudette Cayrol and Marie-Christine Lagasquie
12:00-12:30Argumentation-based Normative Practical Reasoning, Zohreh Shams, Marina de Vos, Nir Oren, Julian Padget and Ken Satoh
14:00-14:30Argument Solver Competition
14:30-15:00Comparing and integrating argumentation-based with matrix-based decision support in Arg & Dec, Marco Aurisicchio, Pietro Baroni, Dario Pellegrini and Francesca Toni
15:00-15:30The Matrix Approach for Abstract Argumentation Frameworks, Yuming Xu and Claudette Cayrol
16:00-16:30Abstract Solvers for Dung's Argumentation Frameworks, Remi Brochenin, Thomas Linsbichler, Marco Maratea, Johannes Peter Wallner and Stefan Woltran
16:30-17:00A Discussion Game for Grounded Semantics, Martin Caminada

Day 2 (Sunday)

09:00-09:30On Computing Explanations for Non-Acceptable Arguments, Xiuyi Fan and Francesca Toni
09:30-10:00Reasons and Options for Updating an Opponent Model in Persuasion Dialogues, Elizabeth Black and Anthony Hunter
10:00-10:30Building Support-based Opponent Models in Persuasion Dialogues, Christos Hadjinikolis, Sanjay Modgil and Elizabeth Black
11:00-11:30Arguing from similar positions: an empirical analysis, Josh Murphy, Elizabeth Black and Michael Luck
11:30-12:00Argument mining: a machine learning perspective, Marco Lippi and Paolo Torroni
12:00-12:30ArgP2P: An argumentative approach for intelligent query routing in P2P networks, Ana Nicolini, Ana Maguitman and Carlos Chesñevar