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Technical Program

09:00-10:30 Destabilising Conventions using Temporary Interventions: James Marchant, Nathan Griffiths, Matthew Leeke, Henry Franks

Towards Disrupting Teams' Plans: Andrada Voinitchi, Elizabeth Black, Michael Luck

Team Formation in Large Action Spaces: Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Haifeng Xu, Albert Xin Jiang, Milind Tambe, Emma Bowring

10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:40 Modelling the Impact of Role Specialisation on Cooperative Behaviour in Historic Trader Scenarios: Christopher Frantz, Martin Purvis, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Mariusz Nowostawski

Coordination Mechanisms in Multi Objective Setups: Results of an Agent-Based Simulation: Stephan Leitner, Friederike Wall

Severity-Sensitive Robustness Analysis in Normative Systems: Luca Gasparini, Timothy J. Norman, Martin J. Kollingbaum, Liang Chen

Comparing and Evaluating Organizational Models: A Multi-Agent Programming Contest Case Study: Mariana Ramos Franco, Jaime Simao Sichman
14:00-15:40 Utilizing Permission Norms in BDI Practical Normative Reasoning: Wagdi Alrawagfeh, Felipe Meneguzzi

Supporting Request Acceptance with Use Policies: Thomas Christopher King, M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Virginia Dignum, Catholijn M. Jonker

A Boolean Game Based Modeling of Socio-Technical Systems: Nils Bulling

A Framework for Monitoring and Learning in Multiagent Systems: Alan Perotti, Guido Boella, Artur D'Avila Garcez
15:40-16:00Coffee break
16:00-18:00 The Cost of Interference in Evolving Systems: The Anh Han, Long Tran-Thanh, Nicholas R. Jennings

Mirror Worlds as Agent Societies Situated in Mixed Reality Environments: Alessandro Ricci, Luca Tummolini, Cristiano Castelfranchi, Michele Piunti, Olivier Boissier

The Challenge of Artificial Socio-Cognitive Systems: Pablo Noriega, Julian Padget, Harko Verhagen, Mark D'Inverno

Panel Discussion

Note: Each paper presentation will be 20 minutes long, and will be followed by 5 minutes of question and answer. The panel discussion will be 45 mins long.


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