QR'18 - 31st International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning

Friday, 13th July, Stockholm Convention Centre (Room K-23)




8:30-9:00h Registration at IJCAI'18 desk

9:00-10:10h morning workshop part 1: Qualitative Modelling I (chair Zoe Falomir)

9:00h-9:10h Welcome

9:10-10:00h Keynote by Bert Bredeweg: "Humanly AI: Creating smart people with Qualitative Reasoning"

10:00-10:10h Discussion


10:10-10:30h Coffee break

10:30-11:30h morning workshop, part 2a: Qualitative Modelling II (chair Wei Pang) (15 min talk + 5 min discussion)

10:30-10:50h "Hesitancy and consensus measures to understand ratings: An application to hotel recommendations" by Jennifer Nguyen, Jordi Montserrat-Adell, Nuria Agell, Mónica Sanchez and Francisco Ruiz Vegas.

10:50-11:10h "The company perspective of product variety: a conceptual model" by Christina Schabasser and Bert Bredeweg.

11:10-11:30h "A Qualitative Gait Model for Diagnosis of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis" by Peter Struss, Robert Reiser and Florian Kreuzpointner


11:30-12:30h morning workshop, part 2b: Qualitative Reasoning I (chair Nuria Agell) (15 min talk + 5 min discussion)

11:30-11:50h "Qualitative Shape Representation and Reasoning Based on Concavity and Tangent Point" by Momo Tosue, Sosuke Moriguchi and Kazuko Takahashi.

11:50-12:10h "A Qualitative Color Harmony Theory and its Application to Art" by Lledo Museros, Ismael SanzZoe Falomir and Luis Gonzalez-Abril.

12:10-12:30h Invited talk by Diedrich Wolter: "Integrating Qualitative Reasoning and Learning: Prospects and Problems"

12:30-14:30h Lunch break

 13:30-14:30: Invited Talk by IJCAI-ECAI at Victoria Room -- Joyce Y. Chai "Language to Action: Towards Interactive Task Learning with Physical Agents"


14:30-15:30h afternoon workshop, part 1: Qualitative Reasoning II (chair Zoe Falomir)

14:30-15:20: Keynote by Mehul Bhatt "Spatial Reasoning: Theory, Methods, and Applications"

15:20-15:30: Discussion


15:30-16:00h Coffee break

16:00-17:00h afternoon workshop, part 2a: Qualitative Reasoning III (chair Lledo Museros) (15 min talk + 5 Discussion)

16:00-16:20h "Qualitative Reasoning for Decision-Making: A Preliminary Report" by Kenneth Forbus and Tom Hinrichs.

16:20-16:40h "Qualitative Reasoning with Story-Based Motion Representations: Inverse and Composition Approaches" by Juan Purcalla Arrufi and Alexandra Kirsch.

16:40h-17:00h "Qualitative Environment Mapping Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 3D Images" by Adeline Secolo, Paulo Santos, Zoran Sjanic, Piotr Rudol, Tommy Persson, Mariusz Wzorek and Patrick Doherty.

17:00-17:40h afternoon workshop, part 2b: Qualitative Modelling III (chair Wei Pang) (15 min talk + 5 Discussion)

17:00-17:20h "Learning to Build Qualitative Scenario Models From Natural Language" by Max Crouse, Clifton Mcfate and Kenneth Forbus.

17:20-17:40h "Non-constructive interval simulation of dynamic systems" by Wei Pang, George Coghill and Allan Bruce.

17:40-18:00h "Helping Investors to assess new ventures proposals by a linguistic Multi-Criteria Decision tool" by Xari Rovira, David Riu, Ferran Giones, Nuria Agell and Monica Casabayo

18:00-18:15h End of QR'18

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31st International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning 13 July 2018, Stockholm, Sweden