I-NoLLS Least-Squares Fitting Program

Mark M. Law (Department of Chemistry, University of Aberdeen)


Jeremy M. Hutson (Department of Chemistry, University of Durham)

"I-NoLLS: a program for interactive non-linear least-squares fitting
of the parameters of physical models"

A new computer code, I-NoLLS, has been developed for fitting the parameters of physical models to (experimental) data using an Interactive Non-Linear Least Squares procedure. The code is designed to be highly modular in order that new and improved computational methods can be readily incorporated and hence of benefit to a wide research community.

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A paper describing the I-NoLLS program has been published: Computer Physics Communications (CPC), vol. 102, 252-268 (1997) and the code is available from the CPC Program Library.

Click here for instructions on obtaining the code directly from the authors.

The development of I-NoLLS was stimulated by the problems encountered in fitting the parameters of analytical molecular potential energy surfaces to experimental data but the program is applicable to any physical problem involving highly computationally expensive property calculations and highly nonlinear and correlated model parameters.

The I-NoLLS project was initiated whilst Mark Law was the CCP6 post-doc in Jeremy Hutson's
Theoretical Chemistry Group at Durham University.

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