Quantifying uncertainty over standing of a test score

Program: QUAND.exe

This program for PCs accompanies the paper: Crawford, J. R., & Garthwaite, P. H. (2008). On the "optimal" size for normative samples in neuropsychology: Capturing the uncertainty when normative data are used to quantify the standing of a neuropsychological test score.Child Neuropsychology, 14, 99-117.

The program (QUAND.exe) quantifies the uncertainty arising from the use of normative sample data to estimate the standing of a raw score (there are two options: the first allows neuropsychologists to quantify the uncertainty attached to existing normative data; the second is aimed at neuropsychologists planning a normative study).  Click here to download the program (467Kb) as an executable or click here to download as a zip file (233Kb).

Your web browser is most probably configured to recognise that the files are executable. If you have any problems (i.e. the browser treats them as text files), hold down the shift key when clicking. If your network does not allow downloads of executables then downloading the zip file is a solution.

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