Computer program for scoring and analysing the PRMQ


This PC program (prmqscor.exe) accompanies the paper by Crawford, Smith, Maylor, Della Sala, & Logie (2003) and is for use with the self-rated version of the Prospective and Retrospective Memory Questionnaire (PRMQ; Smith et al., 2000). The PRMQ is a 16 item questionnaire that systematically assesses prospective and retrospective memory across a variety of contexts. Confirmatory factor analysis indicates that it yields a general factor of self-rated memory and specific factors of self-rated prospective and retrospective memory. Norms are based on a sample of the general adult population (N= 551) with an age range of 17 to94.

The program takes an individual's raw scores on the Prospective and Retrospective scales as input and provides T scores, estimated true scores, and 95% confidence limits for all three scales. It also tests whether the discrepancy between the Prospective and Retrospective scales is reliably different, and records the estimated percentage of the population that will equal or exceed the observed discrepancy (i.e., it addresses the issue of whether the discrepancy is rare/abnormal). In addition to being a quick and convenient means of scoring and analysing the PRMQ, the program also helps to avoid clerical errors.

Click here to download (436k) the program (i.e. save it to disk). Your web browser is probably configured to recognise that the file is an executable. If you encounter any problems (i.e. the browser treats it as a text file), try holding down the shift key when clicking.

Once downloaded, the program can be run by any of the normal Windows procedures, i.e. by clicking on the file in Windows explorer, by using Windows start menu, or by placing on desktop etc.

For essential background details on the methods implemented in this program (and worked examples) see the following paper:

Crawford, J. R., Smith, G. V., Maylor, E. A. M. Della Sala, S., & Logie, R. H.  (2003).  The Prospective and Retrospective Memory Questionnaire (PRMQ): Normative data and latent structure in a large non-clinical sample. Memory, 11, 261-275.

The paper describing the original development of the PRMQ is as follows:

Smith, G. V., Della Sala, S., Logie, R. H., & Maylor, E. A. M. (2000). Prospective and retrospective memory in normal ageing and dementia: A questionnaire study. Memory, 8, 311-321.

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