D-KEFS Supplementary Analysis

Program: DKES_Supplementary_Analysis.exe

This computer program for PCs accompanies the paper: Crawford, J. R., Garthwaite, P. H., Sutherland, D., & Borland, N. (2011). Some supplementary methods for the analysis of the Delis‑Kaplan Executive Function System. Psychological Assessment, 23, 888-898.

The program is for use with D-KEFS achievement scores and performs the following supplementary analyses of these scores: (a) quantifies the number of abnormally low achievement scores exhibited by a case and accompanies this with an estimate of the percentage of the normative population expected to exhibit at least this number of low scores; (b) estimates the overall abnormality of a case’s achievement score profile using the Mahalanobis Distance Index (MDI); (c) calculates a composite Executive Function Index score for a case and provides accompanying confidence limits; and (d) provides the percentile ranks for a case’s achievement scores and Executive Index score (in the latter case confidence limits on scores are also expressed as percentile ranks). The methods can be applied when, as will be common, only a subset of the 16 achievement scores have been administered.

To download the program DKEFS_Supplementary_Analysis.exe click here and save to disk (once downloaded click on the program icon to run).

Alternatively, to download the file as a zip file click here (once downloaded unzip the file).

Your web browser is most probably configured to recognise that the file is an executable. If you have any problems (i.e. the browser treats them as text files), hold down the shift key when clicking. If your network does not allow downloads of executables then downloading the zip file is a solution.

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