CIs for Binomial proprtions in presence of ties

Program: Binomial_CIs_Ties.exe

This program for PCs accompanies the paper: Garthwaite, P. H., & Crawford, J. R. (2011). Binomial confidence intervals in the presence of ties. Journal of Applied Statistics, 38, 1915-1934.

This program is for obtaining confidence intervals on a binomial proportion in the presence of ties. It is for use when a confidence interval is required for observations that are discrete but are assumed to relate to an underlying quantity of interest that is continuous. A variety of options are made available that are extensions upon existing methods that cannot incorporate the additional uncertainty created by the presence of tied scores (ie Clopper-Pearson intervals, Agresti-Coull intervals, score form methods etc). The default (recommended) method provides a Bayesian credible interval using a Jeffreys' prior.

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