BIRT Memory and Information Processing Battery

Programs: BMIPB_Score.exe, BMIPB_Retester.exe, and BMIPB_Retester_F2F3.exe

These three programs are designed to be used with the BIRT Memory and Information Processing Battery (BMIPB; Coughlan, Oddy, & Crawford, 2007). The BMIPB is a revision and extension of the Adult Memory and Information Processing Battery (AMIPB) . Details of the test battery (including ordering information) can be found by clicking on the test title highlighted above.

BMIPB_Score_V2.exe is intended as a supplement to the percentile tables in the manual. It provides regression-based continuous norms (using age and educational level as predictors) for seven of the primary measures of the BMIPB. Scores are expressed as T scores Note that there was a bug in the original version of this program (BMIPB_Score.exe): the current version (BMIPB_Score_V2.exe) replaces it.

BMIPB_Retester.exe is designed to assist in the interpretation of retest results on the BMIPB, it assumes that Form 1 was used for testing and Form 2 for retesting. Upon entry of the raw test and retest scores, the program uses regression equations to predict retest scores from initial test scores using data from the BMIPB standardization sample. The discrepancy between obtained and predicted scores are standardized and expressed as T scores.

BMIPB_Retester_F2F3.exe is essentially the same as BMIPB_Retester except that is for use when comparing scores obtained on a third testing (using Form3) with those obtained from an earlier second testing (using Form2).

The methods used in all three programs are largely those developed in papers by Crawford & Garthwaite (2006; 2007).

Downloading the Files:

Click here to download BMIPB_Score_V2.exe

Click here to download BMIPB_Retester.exe

Click here to download BMIPB_Retester_F2F3.exe

Once downloaded, the programs can be run by any of the normal Windows procedures i.e. by clicking on file in File Manager or by placing on desktop etc.

Coughlan, A, K., Oddy, M, J., & Crawford, J. R. (2007). BIRT Memory and Information Processing Battery (BMIPB). London: Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.
Crawford, J. R., & Garthwaite, P. H. (2006). Comparing patients’ predicted test scores from a regression equation with their obtained scores: A significance test and point estimate of abnormality with accompanying confidence limits. Neuropsychology, 20, 259-271.

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Crawford, J. R., & Garthwaite, P. H. (2007). Using regression equations built from summary data in the neuropsychological assessment of the individual case. Neuropsychology, 21, 611-620

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