Multiple Choice Astronomy Questions

A good selection of multiple choice astronomy questions can be found at the end of each chapter of our textbook by Kuhn & Koupelis. The general level of these questions is comparable to those in the end-of-course exam but you should note a few differences:

An even larger selection of multiple choice questions from Kuhn & Koupelis is available under the ‘Physics’ icon in computer class rooms. Use them for exam practice. If you’re reading this on a terminal in a computer class-room in the Fraser Noble building, Meston building or Edward Wright building then to access the multiple choice questions go back to the top-level desktop (the one you get to when you first log in) and:

You will then see a StarQuest icon for each chapter in Kuhn & Koupelis. Select the chapter you want and follow the simple on-screen instructions. If you can answer correctly all the questions for the chapters relevant to our course, you should be well prepared for the end-of-course assessment.