Flagser Live

An online implementation of flagser

Input Graph: Input a directed graph as:

First line is always the string "dim 0".

Second line is a list of integers,
where the i'th integer is the filtration value of vertex i.

Third Line is always the string "dim 1".

Each subsequent line is an edge i->j
written as "i j" or "i j f",
where f is the filtration value.
Select a File to Load: Select a text file containing a graph
and then load it into box above.
Or load an example graph.
Choose Function:
Filtration: If computing persistent Homology
choose a filtration:

Zero: All faces have filtration 0

Dimension: A n-dimensional face has filtration n

Max: Max of boundary filtration values

Sum: Sum of boundary filtration values

Max and Sum require an edge filtration to be inputted.
Approximate: Set an approximate value to skip certain computations when taking to long, see documentation for further details.
Min Dim: Selecting the smallest dimension to consider.
Max Dim: Selecting the largest dimension to consider.