First International Workshop on the Theory and Applications of Formal Argumentation (TAFA-11)



Recent years have witnessed a rapid growth of interest in formal models of argumentation and their application in diverse sub-fields and domains of application of AI, including reasoning in the presence of inconsistency, non-monotonic reasoning, decision making, inter-agent communication, the semantic web, grid applications, ontologies, recommender systems, machine learning, neural networks, trust computing, normative systems, social choice theory, judgement aggregation and game theory, and law and medicine. Argumentation thus shows great promise as a theoretically-grounded tool for a wide range of applications.

This workshop aims at contributing to the realisation of this promise, by promoting and fostering uptake of argumentation as a viable AI paradigm with wide ranging application, and providing a forum for further development of ideas and the initiation of new and innovative collaborations. We therefore invite submission of papers on:

formal theoretical models of argumentation and application of such models in (sub-fields of) AI; evaluation of models, both theoretical (in terms of formal properties of existing or new formal models) and practical (in concretely developed applications); theories and applications developed through inter-disciplinary collaborations.

With the above aims and intended impact in mind, the workshop will include an extended panel session inviting leading researchers in argumentation and in sub-fields of AI in which argumentation has been applied. The panel session will address the topic: `The future of argumentation: what is its added value and how we communicate this to researchers in the Artificial Intelligence community and beyond.'

The workshop will solicit papers dealing with, but not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Properties of formal models of argumentation

  2. Instantiations of abstract argumentation frameworks

  3. Relationships amongst different argumentation frameworks

  4. Practical applications of formal models of argumentation

  5. Argumentation and other Artificial Intelligence techniques

  6. Evaluation of formal models of argumentation

  7. Validation and evaluation of applications of argumentation

Post-proceedings will be published in LNAI.



News and Announcements

24/06/11:Panel discussion updated. See programme for details.

19/05/11: Workshop programme updated.

06/05/11: Accepted papers list updated

06/05/11: TAFA Dates updated.

24/01/11: Updated submission and notification deadlines.

17/01/11: TAFA post proceedings to be published in LNAI.

18/11/10: Website goes live.

Important Dates


TAFA-11 will be hosted as an IJCAI-11 workshop, and will thus take place at the Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain).