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In every week of the course except the first (and perhaps the last) we expect to have practicals/tutorials. These will be held as follows:

Like the lectures, the Practicals are being re-designed during the course. What follows below will only be complete and up to date when we reach the end of the course.

Week/Dates Topic On-Line Material
Week 2 Functions and countability
sample answers .
Week 3 Finite State Automata Practical (MS Word)
Answers (MS Word)
Week 4 Introduction to l-Calculus Practical (HTML)
Some answers See also Answers to items 1 and 3
Week 5 Functional Programming in Haskell I Practical (HTML)
Week 6 Functional Programming in Haskell II Practical
Week 7 Functional Programming in Haskell III
Complete last week's Practical. (New questions have been added at the end.)

Week 8 Turing Machines Practical (extended on 6 Dec.
Answers to questions 1-5
Week 9 Turing Machines Answer to question 6a.
Week 10 Preparation for Logic and Computability Please read this week's lecture slides on Models and Satisfiability and answer the questions numbered Q1, Q2, etc. (marked in red) that you find there.
Week 11 Decidability of Monadic FOPL Please read the annotated version of this Monday's lecture slides on the decidability of Monadic First-Order Predicate Logic and answer the questions numbered Q1, Q2, etc. (marked in red) that you find there. Try not to look at the answers in blue initially.

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