New publications about referring expressions appear nearly every week, and it is not feasible for us to keep track of all of these. We hope that the following pointers and resources will be useful nonetheless.

  1. Journal Issues. Three journal issues have appeared in recent years that are devoted to the study of reference from different points of view. They are closely related to the RefNet project, and to related projects such as Emiel Krahmer's 2008-2013 VICI project which likewise focussed on the study of reference.

    • A Topic of the journal Topics in Cognitive Science, entitled "Production of Referring Expressions: Bridging the Gap Between Computational and Empirical Approaches to Reference", Topics in Cognitive Science 2010, Vol. 2 Issue 2.
    • A Special Issue of the journal Language, Cognition and Neuroscience (previously called Language and Cognitive Processes), entitled "Production of Referring Expressions: Models and Empirical Data", Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 2014, Vol. 29, Issue 8.
    • A Topic of the journal Frontiers in Psychology, entitled "Models of Reference", Frontiers in Psychology 2015-16. Most articles in this Topic have appeared already; one or two further articles may appear in the Autumn of 2016.

  2. A living bibliography. In preparing Computational Models of Referring: a Study in Cognitive Science (Van Deemter, MIT Press 2016), over 800 articles and books were found that are (sometimes tangentially, but often more directly) relevant for the study of reference. These works are being collected into a living bibliography, which extends various older bibliographies, such as the one composed by Jette Viethen, and the one by Albert Gatt.

    Readers are invited to send further literature references, if possible in bibitem format, to Kees van Deemter; here is more information about the bibitem format. Alternatively, just send a (complete) literature reference using one of the usual standards (e.g. APA).

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