Here are the main RefNet-organised events, from the most recent to the least recent one.

-- The RefNet Round Table Event, Aberdeen, Jan. 2016. The event focussed on predictive and neuro-scientific models of language. For all information, see this page .

-- The RefNet Research Workshop on psychological and computational models of reference comprehension and production, Edinburgh, Aug. 2014. The scientific programme and all other information can be found here.

-- RefNet Summer School on Psychological and Computational Models of Language Production, Edinburgh, Aug. 2014. The programme can be found here . For information about taught courses see this page. For invited evening lectures see this page.

-- RefNet-sponsored workshop at CogSci, Berlin, July 2013. This workshop, entitled Production of Referring Expressions: bridging the gap between cognitive and computational approaches to reference took place at the CogSCi conference in Berlin. For a summary, see this page

In addition to sponsoring and organising these events, RefNet contributed to the organisation of the NLG Summer School, Aberdeen, July 2015. For all information, see this page .