Vagueness: a Problem for AI

  Material for the HIT summer school in Harbin, 2008.

by Kees van Deemter, University of Aberdeen

- Set of all slides (without audio), which can be used for handouts. (ppt 15MB)

- Introductory Video (mpeg, 11MB). For best quality, download and play locally.

- Slides with audio. Some of these are very large, so better download and play locally rather than play over the web.  

  1. Introduction (ppt, 10MB)
  2. Crisp and Vague (ppt, 32MB)
  3. Vague Objects (ppt, 8MB)
  4. Why Vagueness? (ppt, 17MB)
  5. Context (ppt, 5MB)
  6. Sorites and Partial Logic (ppt, 18MB)
  7. Supervaluations (ppt, 7MB)
  8. Models based on context (ppt, 34 MB)
  9. Models based on Fuzzy Logic (ppt, 23 MB)
  10. End of Theory Part (ppt, 18 MB)
  11. Project (ppt, 19 MB)


- Conclusion Video (mpeg, 9 MB)