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                   Mail:      Prof.  David J. Benson
                              Institute of Mathematics
                              University of Aberdeen
                              Fraser Noble Building
                              King's College
                              Aberdeen AB24 3UE
                              Scotland, UK.  

Phone: (Int)+44-1224-273807 Fax: (Int)+44-1224-272607

Email: formed from initial dot initial dot lastname at abdn dot ac dot uk

Please do not send ANY unsolicited commercial email to this address Believe me, I'm not interested in your product, however great it is Also, please do not put this email address in machine readable form on ANY web page whatever, even if it's a mathmo conference web site and for GOODNESS SAKE! ASK me before adding me to your mailing list

I'm a 6th Century Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Aberdeen. That doesn't mean, as some people seem to think, that I'm six centuries old. It means that the University of Aberdeen recently began its sixth century as an academic institution.

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