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SoundLib is Free now !

SoundLib used to be a sold as shareware but it is freeware  now (see why). However, you should enter registration informations to prevent from seeing the nag screen that still appears 30 days after the first install.

Here are the FREE registration informations

To register choose "Enter registration code..." from the "Options" menu.
Then, enter the name and registration code exactly as follow and click OK

Name : FREE

NB :
UPPER and lower case are important.
Do not insert space before or after these informations.

Why is SoundLib getting free ?

In 1994, I left my software engineer job to work on SoundLib. After months of work, the first version went out. However, nor music software companies nor synths makers appears to be very interested. So, I started to sold SoundLib as a shareware. Despite SoundLib seemed to be quite popular :-) (with an average of about 100 downloads per day during the first year), they were not enough registrations to pay my rent or phone bill. So I quickly had to work for other people, and at last, I stop totally working on SoundLib to get a job... and a wage.

It has been for a long time now that I have no time to work on SoundLib, or even to give support to SoundLib user's.
So it seemed natural for me to give a program that I do not support any more.

The future

In the near future, I will post SoundLib source code on this site, so that other people can enhance it's features...

NB : You don't have to ask ; I'll post the sources as soon as I get a moment...

Christophe Le Brasseur (defunct)
(C) 1995, 1998 Christophe Le Brasseur / Playloud