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This listing should give those of you looking for some old software or hardware a good idea of what was available in 1988, for use with the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer series and relatives. I don't know how accurate this information is any more. Many of these companies may no longer carry these items or may have gone out of business entirely ...

Written by Paul Troutman and converted to html by Dave Benson


I. 1988 MCS MIDI Buyer's Guide - Software Section

II. 1988 MCS MIDI Buyer's Guide - Accessories Section



2210 Wilshire Blvd. #330, Santa Monica, CA, 90403. Tel: 213-392-1906

The Voice Manager Series

Memory resident voice control system for the IBM PC and Yamaha's original six operator synthesizers. With a single keystoke you can instantly access or edit any voice in your library while running any other program, including sequencers - RETAIL $129.95 (1988 price)

TX81Z Graphic Editing System

A state of the art object oriented graphic editing system for Yamaha's TX81Z FM Tone generator and the IBM PC. The mouse based system features icons, control panels, multiple overlapping windows and context sensitive pop-up menu "stacks" in high resolution grpahics enviroment. Retail $199.99 (1988 price)

TX802 Graphic Editing System

A state of the art object oriented graphic editing system for Yamaha's TX802 FM Tone generator and the IBM PC. The mouse based system feature icons, control panels, multiple overlapping windows and context sensitive pop-up menu "stacks'". All windows are active and instantly accessable. The voicing editor is completely compatible with the DX7II. Retail $249.95 (1988 price)


1360 Willow Rd., Suit 101, Melno Park, CA 94025

DX Patch Editor/Librarians for the Commodore

The DX Patch Librarian is a software tool that simplifers the creation and storage of the patches for the Yamaha DX synthesizers. The program also permits programming of TX and 8-16 expaansion modules without a DX7. You can attach a keyboard controller or external sequencer to the MIDI-In of the computer, so that you can easily hear your TX sounds without repatching. The program can also be used to pgroams the DX9. Sound data is displayed in the DX7 format, and all neccessary editing changes can be made from the program. Patches can be displayed, edited, and printed. Over 800 patches can be stored on a single diskette. Retail $99.00 (1988 price)

4 Op Deluxe

(Yamaha 4 Operator Synths) Retail $99.00 for Commodore and Apple II (1988 price), Retail $129.95 for Atari ST (1988 price)

DX Heaven

(Yamaha 6 Operator Synths) Retail $129.95 for Atari ST (1988 price)


759 A. Ward Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93111

FB Master

A computer-aided voicing program for the Yamaha FB-01. FB Master is a full featured editor/librarian with envelope graphs, light bars for utility selection and printable data screens. Two memory resident editors allow for instant access to all FB01 parameters. (IBM or 100% compatible) Retail $99.00 (1988 price)

TZ Master

A computer-aided voicing program for the Yamaha TX81Z. TZ Master is a full featured editor/librarian with envelope graphs, light bars for utility selection and printable data screens. Two memory resident editors allow for instant access to all TX81Z parameters. (IBM or 100% compatible) Retail $99.00 (1988 price)


RD 5, Box 227A, Myrtle Drive, Mahopac, NY 10541

Pyramid DX-TX Editor Librarian for IBM

Pyramid makes the job or creating and organizing sounds a breeze. The voice editor shows all parameters on a single screen for fast easy editing of Yamaha six operator FM algorithmic synthesizers. Use the Bank Editor to work on two banks at a time, swapping voices from bank to bank until you have the proper combination. The Performance editor lets you arrange and rearrange functions quickly and easily. The Intelligent Random Patch Editor helps you create unique new sounds at the touch of a button. Retail $74.95 (1988 Price)


1342-B Rt. 23, Butler NJ 07405

MIDI Magic Digital Disks

Digitial music disks from the 10,000 song QRS piano roll library of past and present music. Avalible for Yamaha and the MIDI DJ sequncer as well as Atari ST, Apple IIC, II+, IIE, Laser 128, Commodore 64/128, PC XT and other popular computers and sequencers. Retail $19.95 (6 song disk), $29.95 (10 song disk). (1988 prices).


P.O. Box 60238 Suite A, Palo Alto, CA 94306


Data/7 significantly streamlines the DX7 sound-development process. It provides a powerful visual aid to sound programming by providing three screens of all the synthesizer parameters. It also displays, in high-resolution graphics, the six operator envelopes and the frequency envelope, and allows all text and graphics screens to be dumped to a printer. Data/7 also saves to or loads from a disk all voice and function and bank information from the DX7. Performance/7 is an aid for the DX7 users who need to access a wide variety of sounds on their instrument quickly. It can store nine banks of 32 voices in the computer's RAM, any one of the which can be loaded in the synthesizer instantaneously, by pressing a key either on the computer or on the DX7 itself. Data/7 and Preformance/7 are avaible for the Apple II series of computers equipped with either a Roland MPU-401 MIDI Interface or a Passport Designs/Yamaha Card; and for the Commodore 64/128 with a Passport/Yamaha MIDI interface or a Sequential interface. Retail $125.00 (1988 price).


1024 Hamilton, Melno Park, CA 94025


Yamaha DX/TX w/DX7H Librarian and Patch Factory. Retail $250.00 (1988 price).


625 Miramontes St., Suite 103, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

MIDI Voice Librarian

Comes with over 100 great new sounds for your MIDI Keyboard. Load up for four banks of 32 sounds at any moment directly from the software. Available for Yamaha DX7, Casio CZ series, Roland JX8P, and 106, Oberheim OB-8. Retail $69.96 (1988 price)


838 Van Dyke Dr., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Turbo TXZ

Editor/Librarian for the TX81Z and IBM compatible computers. Memory resident and not copy protected. Manual with tutorials included. Demo disk availible for $5.00. Retail $79.00 (1988 price).


5 Glenaden Ave E., Toronto, Ont. M8V 2L2 Canada

DXII Master Editor/Librarian

For the Amiga and Yamaha DX7II, DX7IIFD, DX7S, TX802 and voice and voice bank data from the DX7, DX9, TX7, and TF1. This editor/librarian stores and edits all 13 types of DX7II data. Allows for global editing of up to six operators, voice generation you control and two other ways to mix voices. Retail $175.00 (1988 price)


P.O. Box 275 RD-1, Anne Leed RD., Harvard, MA 01451


Computer aided voicing system that includes a voice editor, a voice generator, patch librarian, bank librarian and sequencer. The interface uses the mouse, GEM windows, drop down menus, dialogue boxes and slider bars. Compatible with Atari ST or Mega ST with monochrome monitor and Yamaha DX21, DX27 or DX100 Retail $99.00. (1988 price)


P.O. Box 1108, Sterling, VA 22120


For the DX7/TX7, CZ or OB-8. Transfers voices singly or in banks between the computer and the synthesizer. Rearranges voices and saves up to 1,000 patches per disk. Also available with patches. Made for the Commodore 64. Retail $30.00 (1988 price)


426 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Sideman DTX

The most powerful eidtor/librarian for Yamaha's 6 operator synthesizers. Allows complete voice editing and provides a "random voice generator" for automatically creating new sounds for existing programs. Also includes a library of 2000 DX programs. All programs and banks are compatible with Patch Master, SP3 and Software Carousel allowing you to create a full integrated, computer MIDI system. Retail $179.00 (1988 price).


6600 Orangethorpe Ave., Buena Park, CA 90602

Software for the CX5M & CX5MII/128 Sequencer

YRM304 - TX7/TF1 Voicing Software. Retail $60.00 (1988 price)
YRM305 - DX21 Voicing Software. Retail $60.00 (1988 price)
YRM501 - FM Music Composer. Retail $60.00 (1988 price)
YRM502 - FM Voicing. Retail $60.00 (1988 price)
YRM506 - FB01 Voicing Software. (1988 price)


11920 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angles, CA 90064


The 'latest' edition of the DX-Android, (released last Feb.) is designed to run on the Atari ST and the DX-7, DX-7II, or the TX-Tonerack/Module. It boasts numerous features including a MIDI thru function, numeric editing, a patch librarian, an automated patch loader, a utility program and the 'Android' function. This Artificial Intelligence, created by programmer Tom Bajoras, allows your Yamaha DX7/TX series to create new useable sounds by itself. Fully mouse functionable. Retail $199.95 (1988 price).


14 Hill Blvd., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

TX81Z Sounds

288 new voices plus 23 performance memories available on data cassette. Retail $30.00 (1988 price)

DX21/27/100 Sounds

288 new voices for the Yamaha DX21/27/100 avalible on data cassette. Retail $30.00 (1988 price)

FB-01 Sounds

96 new sounds for the Yamaha FB-01. Avalible on data disk compatible with any FB-01 editor/librarian running on the Atari ST, Macintosh or Commodore 64. Retail $25.00 (1988 price)


P.O. Box 272, Rhododendron, OR 97049

Yamaha TX18Z Sounds

These creative sounds include spicy digital originals and unique stage voices. Also included are a set of 24 special performance configurations specifically for sequence users. Data Cassette: 64 Sounds/Volume, volume 1&2. Retail $24.95 (1988 price).

Yamaha DX100 Sounds

These sounds take full advantage of the many powerful options of FM synthesis. A blend of timbres, they have been programmed for demanding musical applications. Velocity and Breath Controller though MIDI is supported. 48 Sounds/Volume, volume 1&2. Retail $24.95 (1988 price)

Yamaha DX7, TX7 Sounds

Availible in two 128 sounds volumes "Sonic Voyage" and "DX journey". ROM cartidges or disk for C-64/128 and Dr. T's or Passport DX patch librarian or cassette (TX only). We also have a 32 sounds Pro sampler set on data sheets. Retail $49.95 (disk or cassette), $79.95 (four bank ROM cartridge), $24.95 (32 data sheets) (1988 prices).

Yamaha FB-01 Sounds

Yamaha FB-01 disk - Atari ST, C64/128. 96 Sounds, no patch librarian needed. Retail $24.95 (1988 price)


[no address listing]


A professional 10 bank librarian system for all Yamaha DX/TX synths (4op & 6op) and the Commodore 64 computers. Up to 10 banks can be automatically loaded from disk and transmitted to up to 10 DX/TX synths. Other features include; fast action, nice handling, voice-copy/swap/rename, MIDI Thru/rechannel/play, file compatiblity with most other programs, DOS command functions, printer support, excellent color & more. Uses Passport and Sequential type interfaces. Includes 320 new patches (160 4op & 160 6op). Retail $45.00 (1988 price)

TX81Z/DX21 Patch Library

128 new TX81Z/DX21 patches on data cassette or C-64 disk (compatible with X-Lib or Dr. T's voicing formats). Plenty of meaty workman like sounds, featuring acoustic and fanasty pianos, organs, orchestral shades, drums, percussion, human voices, bells, basses, guitars, leads, FX's and more. Includes extensive applications materials. Retail $20.00 (1988 price).

DX100/27 Patch Library

128 new DX100/DX27 patches on data cassette or C-64 disk (compatible with X-Lib or Dr. T's voicing formats). Plenty of meaty workman like sounds, featuring acoustic and fanasty pianos, organs, orchestral shades, drums, percussion, human voices, bells, basses, guitars, leads, FX's and more. Includes extensive applications materials. Retail $20.00 (1988 price).

DX7/DX7II/DX7S/TX7 Patch Library

128 new DX7/DX7II/DX7S/TX7 patches on data sheets or C-64 disks (compatible with X-Lib or Dr. T's voicing formats). A highly usable set featuring everything from classic synth bass and lead sounds to uniquely interesting instrument and FX patches. Includes extensive application materials. Retail $20.00 (1988 price).


801 Wheeler Rd., Madison, WI 53704

D-XTC Librarian (for DX-7, TX's)

A fast convenient librarian program for the Commodore 64/128 computers. Instant views of any of three banks, move or swap patches. Echo mode built in for use with remote MIDI controllers. Ultrafast bank disk load (four seconds). Complete disk functions. Includes 64 patches for DX7, TX modules. Retail $54.95 (1988 price)

D-XTC Libarian for DX-21, DX-100, DX-27

Total control software MIDI patch librarians for Yamaha DX-21, DX-100, and DX-27. Made for Commodore 64/128 computers. Instant view of three banks of patches, printout patch names. Ultrafast bank disk load (four seconds). Echo mode, swap, mode patches. Complete disk functions. Includes 64 excellent patches. Retail $54.95 (1988 price).

FB-01 Editor/Librarian

New software product for editing and storing Yamaha FB-01 module patches. Versions will be available for Commodore 64/128 and Atari 520/1040ST computers. Retail - TBA.


Dept. 91M, 100 Bolmer Ave, Yonkers, BY 10703

DX7 Patches, Bank A1 and B1

Useful, original sounds combining FM clarity with analog warmth. Bank A1 (rock) features brass, filter sweeps, analog synths and electric guitars with built-in reverb. Bank B1 (orchestral) includes woodwinds, reeds, strings, pianos, and absolutely no sound effects. Available on data sheets or your RAM. Retail $23.00 per bank (32 sounds), $40.00 for both. (1988 prices)


205 E. Hazelhurst, Furndale, MI 48220

757 New TX81Z Voices

A complete set of original voices for the Yamaha TX81Z. These voices on data cassette range from the traditional acoustic instruments to New Age sounds. Taking full advantage of the additional waveforms in the TX81Z along with adding velocity sensitivity to the voices has added sparkle and depth to the unit. These voices are also available in two volumes of 380 voices each. Retail $44.95 per volume (1988 prices)

DX7 Sound Patch Library Book

This internationally recognized book contains 757 different DX7 voices. It contains over 200 pages of voices along with algorithm, group, and sounds indexes. Now in its 3rd printing. Compatible with the DX7II. An audio demo cassette tape illustrating all 757 voices is available for an additional $7.50. Retail $39.95 (1988 prices)

TX7, DX21, or DX100 FM Voices

757 new voices avalible for the above mentioned synthesizers on data cassette. These voices are currently being used by studios and musicians worldwide. Also avalible as two split volumes of 380 voices each for only $44.95. Retail $79.95 (1988 prices)

TX7, DX21, DX100 or TX81Z Commodore Libraries

Each of these programs holds 12 banks of voices in computer memory for easy swapping/rearranging of sounds. Super fast machine language program that offers the user the choice of MIDI channels to work with. Permits both single and bulk transmission/reception of voices. Echo program comes complete with 757 new voices ready to load and play. Retail $99.00 (1988 price)



21787 Ventura Blvd. Suite 124, Woodland Hills, CA 91364


The DX RAM data cartridge for the Yamah DX7 and RX11 store 64 voices. Every DX RAM is computer tested. Other features include, gold connectors, ten year lithium battery, instant format/slave, instrument grade bank select switch, one year warranty. Retail $59.95 (1988 price).


15916 S. Haven Ave., Tinley Pk., IL 60477

SynHance Voice Vault DX Series

Hardware librarian for the DX7. Requires no modification to the DX7 and stores 512 DX7 voices with preformance data. Voice can be arranged into 128 named cartridges of 32 voices each. Futhermore, sets of 32 voice changes can be saved into 128 named "Songs" allowing the user to automatically set through voice changes with optional footswitch. Other features include 128 MIDI accessible voices, transmit channel setting and additional MIDI features. All user interface is though the DX7 front panel and LCS. Retail $399.00 (1988 price).


3089 54th Street, San Diego, CA 92105

DX7 Stereo Output Modification

Stereo ouput modification allowing pannable 16 voice to two output stereo mixing in the DX7 (internal pan pots). Easily installed with drill and soldering iron. Retail $195.00 (1988 price)


11514 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

Forat MSM 2000

The Modular System Memory is a storage unit for use with the Yamaha, Roland and Ensoniq keyboards. Up to 2,560 paches can be stored and recalled one at a time or by banks. With several different interfaces you can store patches for all these keyboards at the same time. Rewind, fast forward, and record function and battery backup. Comes with 544 patches for the DX7. Retail $595 /w 1 interface. (1988 price).


69 Mercer ST., New York, NY 10012

Preformance Bar

A multi-function control device the mounts in front of a DX7 or compatible key boards. An adapter clip and lever connects the device to the pitch wheel. A front bar, extending the with of the keys, moves from side to side with the touch of the lower hand. Because the device is adjustable counter-balanced on a pivot point, it also moves forward and backward to allow an expressive pitch bend up or down without removing either hand from the keys. Retail $495.00 (1988 price).

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