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20 December, 2006
Welcome to the Dryland Rivers Research website

This site is intended to stimulate research by providing an information focus and provoking networking between those working on dryland rivers and the sediments they leave behind.
It will cover:

  • processes and products
  • hydrology, dynamics, architecture
  • of rivers and their floodplains
  • with adjacent and interacting processes (aeolian, lacustrine)
  • modern and ancient
  • integration of geomorphology and sedimentology
Puerco River, Arizona: click to enlarge

It is also of relevance to hydrologists and petroleum geologists, those working on pre-Devonian fluvial successions (pre-vegetation), climate change (desertification) and palaeo-environmental interpretation. One-sixth of the world's population is affected by desertification (UNEP), so this is an important subject.

June 2004: conferences list updated - do you know of others, please?
May 2003: New Feature of Interest - click the Features button at the left
  • Waterholes: wetlands in drylands?
April 2003: Links to useful images websites - click the Useful Stuff button
  • Several satellite image and map sources
  • images of Vertisols
March 2003: Discussion Forum added
  • add your own comments on the site and its content
  • join in discussion on the hot topics in drylands research
March 2003: Two new Features of Interest - click the Features button at the left
  • Desert Varnish: a lot of fuss over nothing?
  • Lake Yamma Yamma - a modeller's nightmare?
The conference in Aberdeen in August 2002, on Dryland Rivers: Process & Product, was a great success - thank you to all the contributors and attendees. Abstracts and related images are accessible through the Hot Topics link.

Your , ideas and input will help, please. This site is not intended just to be the world according to Colin North, but I have to start somewhere, so inevitably early versions will be dominated by my own views.