Current Teaching

  • [2021-Now] Introduction to Machine Learning and Data-mining (More details)
  • [2021-Now] Applied Artificial Intelligence (More details)
  • [2019-Now] Languages and Computability (More details)

Project Supervision

2023Darius DragneaMoral judgment with r/AITA: how could NLP methods be used to assess real-life scenarios?
Elia OrsiniDo Cognitive Biases Persist in Large Language Models?
Erik StaasGraph Neural Networks for Gradual Semantics in Argumentation
2022Tomas Manuel Pires IkenHuman evaluation with statement graphs
Ellie HutchinsonA Visual Accessibility Tool for the Condition of Macular Eye Degeneration
Ferenc SzpisjákVirtual Chatbot Patient for Amazon Alexa
Aleksandar StefanovEfficiency and Interpretability in Stock Market Forecasts using Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis and Time Series Data
2021Andrei Loghin – A System That Assists Educators On Creating Personalised Assessments
Steven Clark Simpson – Investigating the Effect of Adding Additional Costs on the Optimal Solution and Performance of a Wireless Sensor Network Optimisation Model
Georgi Ventsislavov Velikov – RLereWolf – Reinforcement Learning Agent Development Framework For The Social Deduction Game Werewolf
Wei Chen – Dialogue Protocols for Argumentation Frameworks with Sets of Attacking Arguments
Al-Hussein Abutaleb – Chameleon – A Pedagogical AI-Driven Tool for Doctors and Medical Students
2020Bhaskar Sinha – Rankings Arguments & Extensions for Sets of Attacking Arguments
Jinlong Zhu – A Temporal Argumentation Framework with Sets of Attacking Arguments

Past Teaching

Teaching at the University of Aberdeen

[2020-2021] Software Agents and Multi-agent systems (More details)

[2021-2022] Database Systems and Big Data (More details)

Teaching at the IUT Montpellier-Sète

[2018-2019] Object-Oriented Programming.

[2017-2018] Introduction to Ergonomics.

[2017-2018] Databases.

[2016-2017] Human Machine Interaction course

Secondary School Teaching

[2012-2014] Internship as a teacher apprentice (EAP) at Nevers High School