Algorithm Playground

Jun Zhao, Bruno Yun, Bénédicte Legastelois, Menisha Patel, Helena Webb, Michael Rovatsos, Marina Jirotka

Algorithm Playground is about investigating what makes algorithms more trustworthy. It aims at bringing a human perspective on decisions made by recommender systems. This is a tool developed by the Edinburgh Team involved in the ReEnTrust Project. Algorithm Playground gives users the chance to discover how the algorithms influence their choices when looking for a hotel to book. In this tool, the users can perform several tasks:

  • Users can compute lists of recommended hotels for several persona with different genders and traits.
  • Users can play with the inputs and watch the changes in the outcome.
  • Users have the possibility to switch between several recommendation algorithms to see how this choice is crucial for any recommender system.
Demo video of the Algorithm Playground website.

Git Repository

The git repository is accessible online on Github