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Club News [26.01.10]


2010 begins and King's Triathletes have a hectic race calendar to contend with. Upcoming Scottish University League Fixtures, local races and BUCS fixtures giving the students plenty of reasons to avoid the pub and hit the running track/pool/roads.

**See the training page for our training times - Beginners/non-members Welcome**

For information on training and other events see more.

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**New for 2009/2010 - Scottish University Triathlon League**

The Scottish University Triathlon League is a new invention for 2010 - specially designed to get Scottish students out of the pub and into multisport, whilst adding an extra competitive edge to races.

The league has been set up by the Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen University triathlon clubs (but all Scottish Student clubs are welcome to join). Male/Female students win points by finishing in the top 10 in any of the four races in the league. 1st place receives 10 pts, 2nd place 9pts, etc. A finish outwith the top 10 receives 0 points. Club and individual prizes will be awarded at the end of the academic year, by the league's kind sponsors, The Running Shop.

The races which constitute the league are (Entry details can be found under 'upcoming race events' below) -

1. 31.10.09 - Aberdeen University King's Triathletes' Autumn Short Aquathlon (400m swim/5k run).

2. 21.02.10 - Dundee University's Duathlon (4k run/20k bike).

3. 06.03.10 - Aberdeen University King's Triathletes' Spring Long Aquathlon (800m swim/10k run).

4. 21.03.10 - Edinburgh University's Sprint Triathlon (750m swim/20k bike/5k run).

See download for details of league standings after the first fixture of the league-

Download SUTL INFO

Upcoming Race Events

1. Dundee University Duathlon - 21/02/2010 (4km run/20k bike)

Taking place just outside of Dundee, on the route used for the Monikie Duathlon, this race is fixture 2 of the new 'Scottish Universities Triathlon League', with the top 10 male/female student finishers winning points for their University. GET INVOLVED! Enter on the born2run website - Born 2 Run (CLICK HERE)

2. King's Spring Aquathlon - 06/03/2010 (800m swim/10km run)

The penultimate Scottish University Triathlon League fixture - and mandatory night out for all competitors in Aberdeen afterwards. Entries now online on the born2run website - Born 2 Run (CLICK HERE)

3. Edinburgh University Sprint Triathlon 21/03/2010 (750m swim/20k bike/5km run)

The grand finale to the Scottish University Triathlon League. It will hopefully, perhaps over-optimistically, see AUKT crowned the first champtions for the new inter-university league. Entries now full for this race.

4. Knockburn Duathlon 04/04/2010 (4km run/17km bike/4km run)

Another of Aberdeenshire Council's dead handy local races.

5. BUCS Sprint Triathlon (St Mary's School, Calne, Wiltshire) - 02/05/2010 (750m swim/20k bike/5km run)

Grand finale to the student triathlon season - and a road trip to deepest England! Entry will open at some point in March - details to follow.

Run 4 it, Metro, Promenade 3km Winter Run Series

Starts from opposite the swimming pool on the Aberdeen promenade - first Friday of every month. For more information go to the metro running club website - Metro Aberdeen (Click HERE)

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Triathlon is a multi-sport with three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. The uni club formed in 1989 to provide an environment for students and staff interested in triathlon and other multi-sport events. Triathlons are often though of as gruelling endurance events, but many events are actually quite short and give anyone an opportunity to test themselves in an exciting and challenging sport.

We also organise two popular races each year: the autumn and spring Aquathons. These consist of a swim in the King's Pavilion pool, followed by a run around the University campus. Both races offer a short distance event (400m swim/5km run), and the spring race also has a more challenging event (800m swim, 10km run) to get you ready for the summer race season.

-----**BEGINNERS WELCOME!**-----