International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics

In collaboration with ISWC 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany

/ Workshop Description

This workshop will bring together researchers interested in the field of ontology dynamics, in order to discuss and analyze important characteristics, open research issues and recent research developments on the field. We are interested in advances in the field of ontology evolution, which is the main research area dealing with ontology dynamics, as well as in works that are directly or indirectly related to the problem. Both theoretical research works as well as works describing implemented systems or tools are welcome.

Details on the previous workshop can be found on the IWOD 2007 site.

/ Motivation

One of the crucial tasks to be performed towards the realization of the vision of the Semantic Web is the encoding of human knowledge in ontologies using formal representation languages. Creating ontologies is simply the first step; ontologies, just like any structure holding knowledge, need to be updated as well. There are several reasons why an ontology should change: changes could be initiated because of a change in the world being modeled; the users' needs may change, requiring a different conceptualization; knowledge previously unknown, classified or otherwise unavailable may become known; or a design flaw may have been noticed in the original conceptualization.

In all these cases, the representation of our knowledge in the ontology should be modified so as to form a more accurate or adequate conceptualization of the domain. Such a modification presents several difficulties from both the practical and the theoretical point of view, as it is not always clear what the expected, or desired, result of any particular modification should be, nor how such a result can be determined.

/ Target Audience

Anyone (from academia or industry) working on ontology evolution or related fields; people designing, supporting, or using ontologies that are subject to change.

/ Workshop Venue and Format

The workshop will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany, as part of the ISWC-08 conference, on 26-30 October 2008. IWOD-08 will be a full-day workshop, and will consist of an invited talk and regular paper presentations. The organization of a panel or general discussion session prior to the closing of the workshop will be sought.


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