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Quantum Mechanical Potential Well

This applet was created as an extension of the potential barrier applet. For details of how to set up and solve the equations see the supporting documentation for the potential step.

The potential well applet allows the user to visualise the wavefunction of a particle as it passes over a potential well, shown in shaded grey, and to see the wavefunctions inside a well. The wavefunctions are shown underneath the energy level diagram.

Hidden features


Known Problems
There are a few minor bugs in this program relating to the bound state energy levels. The states can 'pop' out of the well before they should do. This is due to the discrete values that the well width is fixed to.
When the scale is reduced to 1Å only the ground state energy level is displayed. This is correct but when the well becomes less than 0.3Å in size this energy level pops off the top. Providing no attempt is made to click on the level, decreasing the well width further will still produce the desired result.
If the energy level is selected the code will break down and the wavefunctions will be displayed incorrectly. If this does happen, right clicking to change the barrier width will return the display to its correct value.
The applet and web pages were designed by Gary Skinner, as part of a project sponsored by LSTN.


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