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Quantum Mechanical Potential Step

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Wavefunction Properties (.doc)
Reflection and Transmission when
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The panel on the left can be used to access related pages in Word 97 .doc form. The applet should appear on the right.

The potential step applet was created to allow visualisation of the wavefunction of a particle as it passes over a potential step, shown in shaded grey. The wavefunctions are underneath the energy level diagram.

  • What you see are the real part of the wavefunction (blue), the imaginary part (yellow) and the probability density (violet) for electrons impinging from the left.
  • The energy of the electrons is shown by a red line whose height can be adjusted in the range 0 to 20 eV by clicking on the red line to the left of the barrier and dragging it up and down.
  • The barrier height can be adjusted in the range 0 to 10 eV by dragging the top of it up or down.
  • The box at the top shows the barrier height (labelled Potential), the electron energy (in red) and the excess energy the electrons have over the barrier
  • The scale allows you to estimate the wavefunction wavelengths

The applet and web pages were designed by Gary Skinner as part of his undergraduate physics project.


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