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Interference from Several Diffracting Sources

This applet was written to support an introductory course on X-ray Diffraction. It is also relevant to the simple optical case of interference from several sources.

The applet shows radiation (black lines) incident on a line of points (red circles: atoms in the X-ray case, slits or holes in the optical case) that diffract at a chosen angle '2theta', producing the diffracted waves shown in green . The angle of the diffracted waves is called '2 theta' in this applet, in keeping with the notation of X-ray diffraction. The extra path difference (in red) of the diffracted radiation between successive radiators is marked. On the right of the screen is a graph showing how the sum of all the diffracted waves varies with angle 2theta. The current angle is displayed using a red line on this graph. This line can be dragged vertically and the diffracted angle will change accordingly.

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 Applet produced and written by Gary Skinner.


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