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This page gives access to Java Applets relevant to our teaching. The first selection is a list of applets developed by Physics staff and students here at Aberdeen. The second is a library of applets that we host. Finally, two of our course pages have links to a selection of applets relevant to the course topics.

Our own applets

The following applets have been developed under the supervision of Dr John S. Reid, Dr Iain Mackenzie and Dr Geoff Dunn, with input from Dr Jan Skakle and Professor David Hukins. The applets were written by Gary Skinner and Douglas Robertson, first as part of their Honours project work and then with support from the LTSN for Physical Sciences.

The applets have been trialed locally on Netscape 4.5, IE 5 and some later versions of both browsers. The versions below are "beta test". We don't guarantee they will work everywhere but we will try to sort problems experienced. Send comments to John S. Reid.

Hosted applets

Courses with applet links

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Last updated 7th May 2004