Printing the course slides

Students who want to print a copy of the course slides should note the following comments.

When printing, the job-control software in the background generates a header page for each print job and you are charged for this page. Hence if you print slides one at a time you will generate a header sheet with each slide and will pay double the price for each slide. A complete set of colour slides for the course will cost a fortune.

For each chapter, I have put up a (pdf) file that contains a summary of all the slides in a chapter, at 6 to a page. If you open this and print it you will get reduced images of all the slides for a single chapter in one job. As far as course content is concerned, my experience is that the chapter summary pages are more legible when printed in black-and-white, not in colour. Therefore I STRONGLY RECOMMEND printing these summary pages in B&W. It is faster and a whole lot cheaper. Most chapters take just 4 pages or less. If you want to see the colour, look at the on-screen version of the slides.

Finally, you DON'T HAVE TO PRINT out the slides. In one sense they are only a yet more detailed course summary. A good way to study the course is to read the textbook around the time of a lecture and make your own notes that will remind you of the important ideas and facts you want to remember. If you read the textbook before you come to the lecture, then hopefully the lecture content will make sense as you hear it and you can put it in a wider context. If you read the textbook after the lecture, then it will re-inforce what you've heard, provide a fuller context and put in writing and pictures the ideas and facts talked about.