The Phyla of Kingdom Animalia

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 Phylum Common Name Number of Species
 Porifera sponges  10,000
 Symplasma glass sponges 500
 Placozoa placozoan 1
 Cnidaria hydroids, jelly fish, sea anemones, corals 10,000
 Ctenophora comb jellies 100
 Rhombozoa small; obscure parasites 75
 Platyhelminthes flatworms 25,000
 Orthonecta orthonectidans 10
 Gnathostomula gnathostomulans 100
 Gastrotricha gastrotrichs 450
 Nematoda roundworms 20,000
 Nematomorpha nematomorphs 325
 Kinorhyncha mud-dragons  150
 Loricifera loriciferans  100
 Priapula priapulans  17
 Rotifera rotifers 1800
 Acanthocephala thorny-headed worms 1000
 Onychophora velvet worms 70
 Uniramia uniramians or ateloceratans 1,000,000 These Phyla togther make up a group traditionally called Arthropoda, because they share a hardened exoskleton and jointed legs.
 Chelicerata chelicerates (98% arachnids) 63,000
 Crustacea crustaceans 40,000
 Pentastoma tongue worms 100
 Tardigrada water bears  600
 Mollusca molluscs 100,000
 Sipuncula peanut worms 350 
 Echiura echiuroid worms 150
 Annelida segmented worms 15,000
 Pogonophora beard worms 150
 Nemertea nemertine worms 900
 Entoprocta entoprocts or kamptozoans 150
 Cycliophora cycliophoran 1
 Phorona phoronans  20
 Brachiopoda brachiopods  350 (25,000 fossil)
 Bryozoa bryozoans or ectoprocta or polyzoa 4300
 Chaetognatha arrow-worms 90
 Echinodermata star fish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins 7000
 Hemichordata hemichordates 90
 Chordata chordates (including ourselves!) 42,500

Where you see this icon : click on the picture of the animal to hear it in action.

Where you see this icon : click on the picture of the animal to see it in action.

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