The Orders of Class Osteichthyes

 Polypteriformes bichirs
 Acipenseriformes sturgeons
 Semionotiformes garpikes
 Amiiformes bowfin
 Elopiformes tarpons
 Anguilliformes eels
 Notacanthiformes spiny eels
 Clupeiformes herrings
 Osteoglossiformes arapaima and bony tongues
 Mormyriformes mormyrids and gymnarchids
 Salmoniformes salmon, pike and stomiatoids
 Myctophiformes lantern fish
 Ctenothrissiformes macristiid (only species)
 Gonorhynchiformes milk fish
 Cypriniformes carp, characins and gymnotids
 Siluriformes catfish
 Percopsiformes sand rollers and pirate perches
 Batrachoidiformes toadfish
 Gobiesociformes clingfish
 Lophiiformes anglers and frogfish
 Gadiformes codfish and allies
 Beryciformes squirrel fish and whalefish
 Atheriniformes flying fish and killifish
 Zeiformes John Dory and allies
 Lampridiformes moonfish, earfish, ribbon-fish and mirrapinnids
 Gasterosteiformes sticklebacks, seahorses and pipefish
 Channiformes snakeheads
 Synbranchiformes swamp eels and cuchias
 Scorpaeniformes scorpionfish, gurnards and bullheads
 Dactylopteriformes flying gurnards
 Pegasiformes dragonfish and sea moths
 Perciformes perch and allies
 Pleuronectiformes flatfish
 Tetraodontiformes triggerfish and pufferfish
 Crossopterygii coelacanth (only species)
 Dipnoi lungfish

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