The Order Sirenia
  Sea cows
These animals are distantly related to elephants and hyraxes, but are entirely adapted for life in the water, with a massive, cigar-shaped body, paddle-like forelimbs, no hind limbs, and a flattened tail. These slow-moving, plant-eating mammals are found in estuaries or near the coat. They either are solitary or associate in groups of up to six. There are two families.
Family Trichechidae
Manatees: 3 species
Manatees have scattered hairs on their bodies. The upper lip is deeply split, each half moving independently, and the tail fin is rounded. Adults do not have incisor teeth.
Family Dugongidae
There is one species: dugong Dugong dugon; frequents the warm shores of the western Pacific and Indian Oceans. Dugongs have a deeply notched tail fin and no hair on their bodies. A pair of incisor teeth form tusks in the male.

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