The Order Lagomorpha
Pikas, hares and rabbits
Although these animals resemble rodents, they have an additional pair of non-gnawing, chisel-shaped incisor teeth outside the normal pair. Their scrotum, unlike that of rodents, lies in front of the penis, which has no bone. They eat their faeces the first time waste matter is passed from each meal, so making best use of plant food.
Family Ochotonidae
Pikas or mouse hares: 14 species
Typical inhabitants of Arctic and alpine tundra, these animals are the most common small plant-eaters in Tibet and along the Siberian Arctic coast. They have short ears, no visible tail, long, dense, soft fur, and nostrils which can be closed in bad weather. The hind limbs are not very long, and the undersides of the feet are heavily furred.
Family Leporidae
Hares and rabbits: 50 species
The leporids are found throughout the world except in Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and various oceanic islands (although some have been introduced to these places by man). They have short, furry, upturned tails and very long ears and hind limbs. They are most commonly active at dusk and dawn.

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