The Order Casuariiformes

Cassowaries and emu
These heavily built, flightless birds have coarse plumage, but the head and neck are virtually featherless. The young are longitudinally striped. There are two families.

Family Casuariidae
Cassowaries: 3 species
Found in forests from New Guinea to northern Australia, the cassowaries have a large bony crest on the forehead, possibly used to fend off obstructions as they run through the undergrowth, and a spike-like inner toe. The skin of the head and the neck is blue or purple.
Family Dromaiidae
There is one species: the emu Dromaius novaehollandiae - found on the Australian plains. It has no crest, and the head and neck are feathered except for a blue spot on each side. It has brown and yellow stripes as a chick and deep brown plumage when adult.

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