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Here are links to the Institute of Mathematics and the University of Aberdeen

Dave Benson's home page is here and CV is here.
The Groups, Representations and Cohomology Preprint Archive is here.
The music page is here. The DX7 page is here. HTML symbols are here. The mathematics page is here.

Recent books:
David Benson, Music: A Mathematical Offering, CUP, 2006. ISBN: 0521853877.
David Benson and Stephen Smith, Classifying Spaces of Sporadic Groups, AMS, Jan 2008. ISBN: 0123444741.
David Benson, Srikanth Iyengar and Henning Krause, Representations of Finite Groups: Local Cohomology and Support, Birkhäuser 2012. ISBN: 9783034802598.
David Benson, Henning Krause and Andrzej Skowronski, eds., Advances in Representation Theory of Algebras (Bielefeld 2012), European Mathematical Society, 2014. ISBN: 9783037191255.
David Benson, Representations of Elementary Abelian p-Groups and Vector Bundles (Draft of book in preparation, 299 page pdf file)

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